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What is Stacksearch?

Stacksearch helps readers find and discover their next favorite writer.

Is Stacksearch a newsletter directory?

Sort of. Newsletter directories are often heavily curated and rely on submissions for inclusion. This can provide relevant and targeted content, but attaining the breadth of a search and discovery engine is more difficult. While there are elements of curation in Stacksearch, one of our goals is to elevate quality writers who would otherwise fly under the radar.

Why does Stacksearch only have Substack newsletters?

Stacksearch strives for focus and quality, opting for being the best-in-class search and discovery engine for one platform, as opposed to casting a wide but shallow net.

My Substack newsletter appears to be missing. How do I ensure Stacksearch picks it up?

Check out Submit a Newsletter.

Are you affiliated with Substack?

Stacksearch is not affiliated with Substack.

Do breakfast tacos really power Stacksearch?