Horoscopes for the New Moon in Cancer

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29 Jun 2022
moon missives by Jaime Wright

“Interestingly the word for ‘fate’ in Old Norse is the same as the genital organs.” —Liz Greene WHY THE NAME? NAKED ASTROLOGY will be astrology without any ‘ism’ attached. I was going to call it Essential…

28 Jun 2022
WOODRUFF by Frederick Woodruff
Cancer New Moon

CANCER NEW MOON June 28th at 10:51p EST Sun conjunct Moon in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries (exact) Read more

28 Jun 2022
WE ARE COSMIC by Emily H. Price
Featured Publication
New Moon in Cancer Horoscopes

The new moon in Cancer arrives tonight at 10:52 in the east and 7:52 in the west. It is a moon that brings with it an energy of confrontation. Whether that’s yourself confronting a difficult truth, or…

28 Jun 2022
Astro Poets by Astro Poets
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¡Astrotribu de mi amor! Siempre que voy a escribir un mail para ustedes es un gozo enorme y un montón de emociones juntas, pues sé cuanto valoran la calidad de estos mensajes, la sustancia y el compromiso…

27 Jun 2022
camiplanet’s Newsletter by camiplanet

hi friend, my fourth book, poems for the signs, comes out in less than a month! as a thank you for being a pitter patter subscriber, here’s your first look: i’ve never written a preface for my books before…

23 Jun 2022
pitter patter by Michaela Angemeer