Walking the Camino de Santiago: from Hontanas to Boadilla

Another day full of impressions to share. I find that walking on the Meseta is very different from crossing the diverse landscapes of the first parts of the Camino Frances. But I like the long stretches…

28 Jun 2022
The Planet by Alexander Verbeek 🌍
Real Estate 1984 Redux! Boom! Thud!! They wish they'd Thunk! Instead, most Sunk.

I was lucky, coming to Austin in 1984 with only $640 to my name I could not go broke investing in real estate but still, I tried, unknowingly before starting real estate school. Yes, I put a big cash deposit…

Mailbag: ask your questions now!

Hello everyone, and a special shout out to those of you who subscribed recently. I’m doing another mailbag. Ask me questions either by replying to this email or in the comments of this post on Substack…

27 Jun 2022
Grace on Football by Grace Robertson
Featured Publication
Paperback writer

Pleased to introduce you to the new UK edition of Conflicted, now called How To Disagree. It’s the same text but my publisher felt it was time for a more direct style of title and I did not disagree. (…

25 Jun 2022
The Ruffian by Ian Leslie
TBM 27b/52: Why Most Strategies Lack Clarity

NEW: Check out my three (free) Miro templates: Competitive Analysis, Can / Should, and Mandate Levels. If you’ve read TBM for a while, these will look familiar! Please send feedback. A big thank you to…

24 Jun 2022
The Beautiful Mess by John Cutler