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Rätten till obligatorisk pappaledighet

Foto: C.J. Burton/Getty images Föräldraförsäkringen är till för barnen, för att barnen ska ha närvarande föräldrar. Skulle man kunna tro i alla fall. Efter att ha följt hur politiker och andra ideologer…

23 Dec 2021
Rak höger med Ivar Arpi by Ivar Arpi
Maybe Baby Glossary & FAQ

Glossary 15 Things I Consumed This Week My weekly recommendation email sent every Friday at 12 p.m. to paying subscribers. This email tells a story about my week through the lens of what I took in. It…

21 Jan 2022 • 2 min read
Maybe Baby by Haley Nahman
My Internet: Nitasha Tiku

Embedded is your essential guide to what’s good on the internet, from Kate Lindsay and Nick Catucci.🧩 Every Friday, we quiz a very cool “very online” person to get their essential guide to what’s good…

21 Jan 2022 • 5 min read
Embedded by Nick Catucci
Friday Thread: Return of ADVICE TIME

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21 Jan 2022
Culture Study by Anne Helen Petersen
Featured Publication
To Return to a Theme: If You Dislike the Behavior, Consider Changing the Incentives

It is perhaps our cosmic fate to eventually experience the other side of every battle we have ever fought, and in the past year I’ve been confronted, in a very mild and low-stakes way, with the conflict…

21 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
Freddie deBoer by Fredrik deBoer
The Truth and Consequences Zoom Chat with Emma Ashford

For today’s Truth and Consequences Zoom Chat, I’ll be joined by Emma Ashford, a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a columnist at Foreign Policy, and an expert on Russia. We’ll be talking about the…

21 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
Truth and Consequences by Michael A. Cohen
Dirt: WIYW w/ Sam King

Dirt is a daily email about entertainment. 🖼️ Yesterday, Twitter announced that users can now verify their NFTs as profile pictures. The pictures are hexagons rather than circles, leading some people…

21 Jan 2022 • 3 min read
Dirt by Study Hall LLC
The Bat Edition

Since I originally wrote this in the early days of the pandemic, there have been a lot of good conversations about the origins of the virus. I’m in the middle of reading the new book Viral, which traces…

21 Jan 2022 • 4 min read
Why is this interesting? by WITI Industries, LLC
Burning down a burgled house

… if there had been broadcasting at the time of the French Revolution, there would have been no French Revolution. ‘Forsan’ — Lord Reith, Parliamentary Affairs, Volume XVII, Issue 1, August 1963 [The BBC…

20 Jan 2022 • 9 min read
Conquest of the Useless by Mic Wright