Why do we simultaneously demand and degrade essential workers?

Y’all remember Covid? Most countries don’t seem to, but maybe you remember what it was like to be indoors for a few months — when all social obligations and work suddenly went remote. In my country (and…

28 Sep 2022
Not Controversial by Nia Lizia Carnelio
Fine, let's talk about data contracts

We’’re supposed to haggle. The walls have been closing in for a while now. Data contracts first entered the conversation at a safe distance: On LinkedIn.1 But recently, they’ve started inching closer to…

23 Sep 2022
benn.substack by Benn Stancil
Dream of Semafornication (w/Reed Albergotti)

Photo by Kayla Kozlowski on Unsplash This week on Dead Cat, Reed Albergotti — the technology editor for the soon-to-be launched media startup founded by Ben Smith and Justin Smith — joined the show to…

21 Sep 2022
Newcomer by Eric Newcomer
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