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I Burst My Eye Blood Vessels

Hi friend, I type this on Friday, 8 days after my surgery when I’m cleared to work a bit. But I’m not entirely comfortable with over an hour of laptop time yet. So since the newsletter takes 40min, here…

23 Apr 2022
Niharikaa’s Newsletter by Niharika Sodhi
Faith in Everything but Ourselves

Welcome to the YouTopian Journey, a Substack featured publication. Each week I will be sharing unique wisdom that can help you in the daily battles that we must all fight in the game of life. This week…

15 May 2022
YouTopian Journey by YouTopian Journey
Callicles as Precursor of De Sade

At Gorgias 492, tr. Helmbold, the ‘divine’ Plato puts the following words into the mouth of Callicles: A man who is going to live a full life must allow his desires to become as mighty as may be and never…

03 May 2022
Philosophy in Progress by William F. Vallicella
'My Crush Doesn't Love Me!'

Horse’s Skull on Blue (1930) by Georgia O’Keeffe Dear Polly, Well I made the classic lesbian mistake of confessing my feelings for a close personal friend and she does not feel the same way. It’s a tale…

02 May 2022
Ask Polly by Heather Havrilesky
Featured Publication

The psychology of negative thinking Of course, we all have negative thoughts from time to time. After all, our thought processes are affected by what we experience around us, and it’s normal to experience…

01 May 2022
Better Human by Niklaus Gerber
Improve 100x.

Hi friend, It’s been a rather weird week. It started with me getting a bit under the weather. Then telling my grandma: “You don’t get it, I don’t get fever. I only get fever once in a few years. It’s not…

30 Apr 2022
Niharikaa’s Newsletter by Niharika Sodhi
You Asked, I'm Answering

Welcome back to Lunch Break, a weekly newsletter to help you create a work life that works for you. Brought to you by the Pivot With Purpose career clarity framework. If someone forwarded you this email…

28 Apr 2022
Lunch Break by Janel Abrahami
Dear Tiff: How can I better manage financial differences between friends?

Dear Tiff, I am a 31-year-old single woman, working in the creative industries and I earn an average salary. I live in a house share. I have a group of friends who I meet up with every couple of months…

The Martyr-Pontiffs and the Catholic Counter Revolution

Two bright stars appear this day on the Ecclesial Cycle, proclaiming the glory of our Jesus, the Conquerer of death. Again, they are two Pontiffs, and Martyr-Pontiffs. Cletus leads us to the very commencement…

26 Apr 2022
Catholic Manhood by Nick Sledge


‘I Can’t Do This!’
18 Apr 2022
Ask Polly by Heather Havrilesky