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WEEK IN REVIEW: The Church Scandals Got Even Wilder

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31 Dec 2021 • 5 min read
Friendly Atheist by Hemant Mehta
You Can't Grow Mangoes in Minnesota

"Compare and despair." When we compare ourselves with others, it is so easy for us to despair. When I read the bios of the Rhodes Scholars, I think, "Who are these people? Were they grown in a lab?" While…

10 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
The Ruckus by Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ
Beauty, Infinity, and Dogs

Several months ago, I was interviewed by the splendid Peter Bouteneff for Luminous, the Podcast of the Institute of Sacred Arts, principally on the topics of beauty and aesthetics, but also on Roland in…

07 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
Leaves in the Wind by David Bentley Hart
FNE 2022

Hi everyone. I can’t believe 2022 is here. In some ways, it feels like it’s 20 years from 2019 and in other ways, it feels 20 minutes. Can I get an amen or a yep or an ugh?! I wanted to give you an update…

05 Jan 2022 • 2 min read
Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist by Emily Smith
Featured Publication
Russia Draws a Big Red Line

-PressTV.ir Russia warns the United States that any further sanctions against Moscow would threaten their bilateral ties. Speaking on the phone, Russian President Vladimir Putin tells his American counterpart…

04 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
Kevin’s Newsletter by Kevin Barrett
Fearless to Face the New Year

Happy new year! As we enter 2022, I want to tell this community again how thankful I am for all of you. I love writing and thinking about Bible prophecy, and I appreciate how your support has helped create…

02 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
Tipping Point Prophecy Update by Jimmy Evans
Looking for the Star.

As I was preparing to write a reflection for this Sunday when the church celebrates Epiphany, I turned to my little book of Gospel Meditations written by Fr. Jose Pagola. In part he said: “It would be…

02 Jan 2022 • 5 min read
Reflections by Valerie by Valerie Chapman, D. Min
Virtue According to One's Duty

Hi friends, I hope that your holiday season was peaceful. I got to see some family, but I also had other family visits disrupted by the new covid variant floating around (like most everyone else, it seems…

01 Jan 2022 • 5 min read
Blessed Vigil by Brittany Muller
Thanksgivings, Futures, and an Appeal

Perennialists and Digressers All, Well, as experiments go, A Perennial Digression—both in the Substack newsletter and the YouTube channel—have been among my better ones. The idea had two origins. First…

31 Dec 2021 • 3 min read
A Perennial Digression by David Armstrong
Psalm 88—Panicseed Sprouted Everywhere

Note From Andy I asked you what Psalms I should do next and you chose Psalm 88. So here you go. It really puts the “dark” in “darkling.” If this Psalm describes your experiences, I hope my rendition can…

31 Dec 2021 • 10 min read
The Darkling Psalter by Andy Patton