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Libertarianism For Me, But Not For Thee

Once upon a time, there was a monkey. Well, to be more specific, a picture of a monkey. Okay, okay, to be a little more specific, a token that was a digital certificate of ownership for a picture of a…

03 Jan 2022 • 11 min read
Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At by Ed Zitron
🥸 Edge#158: Microsoft KEAR is a Deep Learning Model for Common Sense Reasoning

What’s New in AI, a deep dive into one of the freshest research papers or technology frameworks that are worth your attention. Our goal is to keep you up to date with new developments in AI in a way that…

20 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
TheSequence by Jesus Rodriguez, Ksenia Semenova
Zoombombing The Italian Senate

Thank You To Everyone Who Sent Me The Italian Hentai Thing I realized I have really developed a very specific kind of personal brand because when news broke yesterday of a Final Fantasy VII hentai video…

19 Jan 2022 • 7 min read
Garbage Day by Ryan Broderick
How to think about war in Ukraine

Subscribe now I keep being asked whether Russia will invade Ukraine again. I don't know. The last time Russia attacked Ukraine, in 2014, I made the correct prediction against the prevailing wisdom. This…

18 Jan 2022 • 9 min read
Thinking about... by Timothy Snyder
Featured Publication
Leveraging Pre-Mortems to Unlock Better Product and Career Outcomes

Photo by Jai Patil from Pexels There's a tradition in tech development of writing out the press release before you start the project. That way, you know the value and primary customer benefit you’re delivering…

18 Jan 2022 • 3 min read
Perspectives by Deb Liu
On The Value Of Time

Play-to-earn games are the new way evil people have found to enrich themselves via other people’s labor. In short, you pay into a system that allows you to play a game that earns you tokens - either through…

17 Jan 2022 • 11 min read
Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At by Ed Zitron
Bitcoin in El Salvador. Bitcoin Tech Talk #275

I’ve been in El Salvador the last few days and the experience so far has been really magical. The place has a natural beauty along with weather that’s best described as extremely relaxing. In addition,…

17 Jan 2022 • 7 min read
Bitcoin Tech Talk by Jimmy Song
ChinAI #169: general artificial intelligence and Chinese philosophy

Greetings from a world where… if Trader Joe’s really wants to keep using something like Trader Ming’s for their Chinese food, they should at least change it to Trader Zhou’s, am I rite? …As always, the…

17 Jan 2022 • 6 min read
ChinAI Newsletter by Jeffrey Ding
🌏 Carbon offsets pricing, to the moon? #85

Happy Monday! Good mix of plastics and recycling deals this week, including Repeats Group’s $113m raise to produce recycled polyethylene, Polycarbin’s $2m for single-use plastics resource management, and…

17 Jan 2022 • 8 min read
Climate Tech VC
Console #88 -- Kitty, MVT, and React Spectrum

Sponsorship Heyday Do you have 100+ browser tabs open right now? Give your memory a boost with Heyday so that accidentally closing them doesn’t feel like the end of the world. The Heyday browser extension…

16 Jan 2022 • 9 min read
Console by Jackson Kelley


Console #87 -- Pico, log4jscanner, and Mantine
09 Jan 2022 • 9 min read
Console by Jackson Kelley
Console #85 -- Weird, Spacers, and CrowdSec
26 Dec 2021 • 11 min read
Console by Jackson Kelley