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East LA's Unique Theatre - 4/19/2022: Landmarked at noon and on fire at midnight

Gentle reader, As if this week hadn’t been enough of a preservation roller coaster—and as more comes out, the Hotel Cecil whitewashing is shaping up to be a real eye opener—we couldn’t even enjoy the glow…

What I cooked in Accra, Ghana ~ My African Food Tour April 2022

Join me on my recent holiday in Accra, cooking these moreish plantain fritters by a herb garden, overlooking the pool, outside the restaurant of this luxury hotel, with guests watching us while enjoying…

03 May 2022
✈️ Top 10 Travel Hacks 2022.

👨‍✈️ The Briefing Room: Notes and open topics from the editor’s desk. Welcome Departures. The place to be for where to go and what to see. This week we interrupt the regular programming to introduce the…

03 May 2022
Departures by Alvin Toro
Couchfish Day 300: How I do what I do

So where did that all go? For a brief moment I thought about writing 300 things worth doing in Southeast Asia, but be thankful I came to my senses. After all, the last 300 days’ worth of itinerary posts…

03 May 2022
Couchfish by Stuart McDonald
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Graffiti. Kind of.

One of the more disheartening aspects of Brent’s and my recent visit back to our former hometown of Seattle, Washington, was discovering an epidemic of graffiti across the city. I wasn’t a fan. Graffiti…

02 May 2022
Brent and Michael Are Going Places by Michael Jensen
Jackie Robinson vs Lia Thomas: Corporate Media Markets ‘Transgender’ Athletes as New Civil Rights Heroes

Originally published via The Daily Bell: Subsets of the intersectional left would have you believe that a 6″3′ (likely clinically narcissistic) man, packing visible external genitalia while crushing female…

01 May 2022
Armageddon Prose by Ben Bartee
Sky-high cocktails, sneakers that bounce, and an earth-shaking wine

A lot of F&B-related content in this one. 1. Dr. Bronner's has been creating socially and environmentally responsible products since 1948; Growing up, my mom always kept a bottle of the brand’s iconic…

29 Apr 2022
A Few Good Mentions by Laura Neilson