🔴🟨 Edge#203: What are Graph Recurrent Neural Networks?

In this issue: we explain what Graph Recurrent Neural Networks are; we discuss GNNs on Dynamic Graphs; we explore DeepMind’s Jraph, a GNN Library for JAX. Enjoy the learning! 💡 ML Concept of the Day:…

28 Jun 2022
TheSequence by Jesus Rodriguez, Ksenia Semenova
Behind Burak Yilmaz' transfer to Sittard

Hi football fan, welcome to The Home of Football, the podcast by 433. In this episode we dive into Burak Yilmaz’ surprising transfer to Fortuna Sittard. We spoke with the club’s president and three experts…

Approaching the Antichrist Peace Treaty

In September 2020, the world was stunned as the “sand curtain” began to fall. The signing of the Abraham Accords normalized relations between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Within two months…

27 Jun 2022
Tipping Point Prophecy Update by Jimmy Evans
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