The lamb who wanted to live

Bloodied but alive There’s a lamb in the garden. She’s been there all week. She had a belly full of worms and a drench came a few days late for her. She’d been down and lost an eye to an opportunistic…

27 Jun 2022
The Sit Spot by Maggie Mackellar
Monday Matter: Taking Back Sunday and getting naked outside

Every Monday, I send subscribers and gift recipients of immigrant mental health and storytelling newsletter Foreign Bodies stories I recently inhaled and adored. This is also a chance to do some housekeeping…

27 Jun 2022
Foreign Bodies by Fiza Pirani
The Glory of Stars, the Joy of Swimming

I feel more than a little broken. The world has grown strange and hard, and the bad guys (and gals) seem to be winning. We live in an increasingly bewildering America where guns have more rights than women…

27 Jun 2022
Tom Ryan, Author by Tom Ryan
Featured Publication

Wait! Just Listen is a weekly Sunday newsletter on living a purposeful and meaningful life, in a digitised world of opinion polarisation, gratuitous commentary and click-bait. Subscribe with one-click…

26 Jun 2022
Wait! Just Listen by Josh
🧚‍♀️ Qui sont les fées de votre vie ?

Bienvenue dans cette 87ème édition 🤩 🪄 Et merci aux 533 lecteurs de cette missive que j’ai conçue comme un break au coeur du tumulte ainsi qu’aux 1680 lecteurs de ma newsletter Linkedin dans laquelle…

25 Jun 2022
Missive Bend It Like Socrate (aka BILS) by Bend It Like Socrate (BILS)
Matt’s Mix Tape, Vol. 149

Hi, I’m Matt Tillotson, and this is Matt’s Mix Tape. Honestly, this newsletter changes as my world changes. So I don’t have a pithy line to tell you it’s theme right now. We’ll get there. Subscribe now…

24 Jun 2022
Matt's Mix Tape by Matt Tillotson
Meet Me In Brixton McDs

Good morning and welcome to Vittles. All contributors to Vittles are paid. This is all made possible through user donations, either through Patreon or Substack. If you would prefer to make a one-off payment…

24 Jun 2022
Vittles by Vittles

Happy Tuesday! Wait, a newsletter on a Tuesday, you say? ¿Porqué? We wanted to wait a beat after the release of last week’s Radiant Black #15 because…well, we dropped a pretty big surprise by way of an…

22 Jun 2022
Kyle Higgins' BLACK MARKET News by Kyle Higgins
ICYMI: Writing Units

The writing units on the Moving Writers Community have everything you need to adapt these units to your own students, including pre-writing activities, mini-lesson slides, mentor texts, and my rationale…

18 Jun 2022
The Moving Writers Community by Moving Writers