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CRAFT TALK is a weekly newsletter about writing, creativity and productivity from author Jami Attenberg. This is also the home of #1000wordsofsummer, where, once a year, we write 1000 words a day together for two weeks straight. (This year it begins 6/4!)
Created 30 Jun 2019
  • One Long Breath
    03 Apr 2022 23 3
    Hi friends. Once I did a small lit festival, maybe four or five years ago, back when we were rich in literary festivals, and on the panel was a man who had written a book, his first, and he was very e...
  • When You Are Cursed
    27 Mar 2022 25 1
    Hi friends. This letter will be brief because I have a panel at a literary festival today, because we are doing literary festivals again, in person, either “forever” or “while we can” — we will see. I...
  • On Taking Risks
    20 Mar 2022 51 1
    Hi friends. I was thinking about taking risks the past few days. I know someone who recently quit their job to try a different path — a thing I have done before — and I was telling them how there is a...
  • Precious Morning Hours
    13 Mar 2022 49 6
    Hi Friends, Who wants to talk about process? This morning I got up early, a little confused because of daylight savings, and then fought the desire to go back to sleep. Instead, I stayed awake and dec...
  • When the Place is New to You
    09 Mar 2022 22 3
    Hi friends. Sometime in early pandemic (2020? 2021? Who the hell knows!) my buddy Margaret Wilkerson Sexton asked me for some thoughts on writing about place for a class she was teaching. I had recent...
  • Basic Research Bitch
    03 Mar 2022 36 19
    Hi friends. I’m writing a novel that starts in 1970, which puts it at fifty plus years away from now (making it a historical novel according to the Historical Novel Society), although I was alive duri...
  • Our Process Takes Many Forms
    24 Feb 2022 51 8
    Hi friends. This is just a quick note to let you know that if you are feeling like you can’t get any work done this morning or this week or this month, I am here to tell you that you absolutely can. E...
  • The Best Use of Your Brain
    18 Feb 2022 32 17
    Hi friends. It’s Carnival season, and I’m trying to get as much work done as I can before I submit to the haze. Possibly I might not submit to the haze as deeply as I have in the past. I am enjoying b...
  • Contemplating the Through Lines
    30 Jan 2022 17 3
    Hi friends. Some housekeeping, first: I will be doing another Mini #1000wordsofsummer, starting February 7, and running for six days. You can sign up for it here. There will be no Craft Talks during t...
  • Writing Around The Edges
    23 Jan 2022 29 5
    Hi friends. My memoir has been out for two weeks. Here is some praise. My last virtual event is with my buddy Patricia Lockwood, hosted by Skylight Books, tomorrow, Monday, January 24. I hope you can ...
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