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Abigail Shrier
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Created 10 Jan 2021
  • Welcome to the Party, Pal
    13 Jun 2022 450 360
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis earned uncommon rebuke from conservative pundits last week, when he indicated he might sic Child Protective Services on parents who take their children to drag shows. “I’...
  • Not a 'Kitchen Table Issue,' Jen Psaki?
    08 Apr 2022 406 480
    Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki accused Republican lawmakers of “engaging in a disturbing, cynical trend of attacking vulnerable transgender kids,” and exploiting them. “Instead of fo...
  • The Gender Cult Marches On
    18 Feb 2022 252 200
    A reader sent me a trove of materials for “Equity Month” courtesy of the Chicago Public School System, available here. It’s worse than you think. Things to note: Preschoolers (age 3-5) are to be taugh...
  • Child Custody's Gender Gauntlet
    07 Feb 2022 223 274
    Before she decided to strip him of all custody over his son, Drew*—before determining that he would have no say in whether Drew began medical gender transition—California Superior Court Judge Joni Hir...
  • Updates, Inquiries & New Investigative Piece
    04 Feb 2022 178 38
    Dear Subscribers, I've been hard at work on an investigative piece, begun 8 months ago, about the extent to which gender ideology has corrupted family courts. I will post it here within the next week....
  • Who Will Win America: The Cynics or The Believers?
    17 Jan 2022 165 195
    “Nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uighurs, okay?” cryptobillionaire, NBA team owner, and former Facebook executive, Chamath Palihapitiya said this weekend in an interview with The All-In Pod...
  • The Chronicle Cries for Activist Teachers
    31 Dec 2021 258 367
    When confronted with the shady tactics of activist teachers, the mainstream press typically tacks between silence and damage control. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle opted for the latter in a ...
  • Spreckels Union Board Meeting - TONIGHT
    15 Dec 2021 82 31
    Livestream of the meeting will be available here. You may remember Spreckels Union from my expose here: Abigail Shrier @AbigailShrier If activist teachers are bragging about surveilling students and d...
  • What I told the students of Princeton
    09 Dec 2021 1363 932
    I was so honored tonight to be hosted by the Princeton Tory, the Witherspoon Institute and the Tikvah Fund. The undergraduates I met tonight were clear sighted and brilliant and astonishingly well rea...
  • Upcoming Talk at Princeton
    06 Dec 2021 107 62
    Dear Subscribers, I’m on the east coast, conducting interviews for my next book. Wednesday evening, December 8, I’ll be speaking at Princeton. If you’re a Princeton student and would like to attend, p...
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