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Bringing Palestinian Society Back In
17 Nov 2022 3
An important study of trends in Middle East political science publishing by Melani Cammett and Isabel Kendall identified 222 articles published in a set of top political science journals between 2000-...
Join my new subscriber chat
14 Nov 2022 5
Today I’m announcing a brand new addition to my Substack publication: the Abu Aardvark's MENA Academy subscriber chat. We’re going to start with any questions you might have about the Middle East Scho...
COVID's generational impact on MENA scholars
13 Nov 2022 2
For the last two years, Shibley Telhami and I have been running the Middle East Scholars Barometer. Twice a year, we survey as broad a group as possible of academic experts on the Middle East, drawing...
Killing Contention, Sustaining Authoritarianism
10 Nov 2022 5
Sammy Zeyad Badran, Killing Contention: Demobilization in Morocco during the Arab Spring (Syracuse University Press, 2022) Dalia Ghanem, Understanding the Persistence of Competitive Authoritarianism i...
How Egyptians Became Colored
05 Nov 2022 5
Kyle J. Anderson, The Egyptian Labor Corps: Race, Space, and Place in the First World War (University of Texas Press, 2022) Sometimes, a book you pick up at random based on a promotional tweet turns o...

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