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A. Christine Myers
Poetry and backstories by A. Christine Myers... mostly to remind us of how beautiful life is, but also the rare fulmination when it isn't... "Find our way through raindrops and the shadow, Find our way through noon and on to twilight..."
Created 14 Sep 2019
  • Poetry of Spring and... Puppies
    07 Apr 2022
    Canyon Spring The rain has scrubbed the skies a cleanly blue: A vast expanse of spring, which just a few Great sunbright clouds still shadow sailing through. The canyon sides are red and bare below; A...
  • A Medley of Poems
    28 Mar 2022
    Today, I have just a few recent glimpses of things around me. My newly planted flowers have now become a garden. The moment my blooms become a garden is when hummingbirds feast there. The warmer weath...
  • Moon-Rainbows and a Garden at Dawn
    24 Mar 2022
    An early Monday trip to the emergency room has slowed down the ACM Weekly this week, after a tumble and a hard knock on the back of my head. Perhaps I can be excused for waiting a day to be checked: I...
  • Small Wonders
    11 Mar 2022
    As I wrote in my last post, I found a cluster of haiku from my recent experiments. These are widely varied, simply a retelling of everyday experiences in this quintessentially spare yet beautiful form...
  • Ebb Tide
    07 Mar 2022
    This past week has been surreal, watching the unmitigated flare of war and death far away, while experiencing the joy of caring for two young pups here at home. I know enough of history to watch with ...
  • The Winter of Sunflowers
    28 Feb 2022
    Sunflowers This is the winter of sunflowers. They have bloomed In snow and smoke; They have unfurled their petals Through flame and dark of night, And did not close. When sun was gone, They turned the...
  • Studying Haiku
    21 Feb 2022
    As my regular readers know, I enjoy writing haiku. I love its unique goal of reaching a complete thought or vision with a minimum of words, as well as the large role played by nature in its brief line...
  • Objet Trouvé
    14 Feb 2022
    Today’s post is entirely self-explanatory from within the poem itself. But I would like to make a brief note about its form. I’ve written this in blank verse, the classic, unrhymed, five-footed lines ...
  • Painting the Skies
    07 Feb 2022
    As the sun returns slowly, bringing ever-longer days, the valley and mountainsides grow brighter. The other morning the mountains were topped by low plumes of cloud. Their soft, frothy lights and shad...
  • Foretelling
    31 Jan 2022 • < 1 min read
    I have only the shortest bit of poetry for you all this week: one haiku about a very small creature. The past week has seen me trying to get my horses settled in here at their new home and, more recen...
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