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Created 26 Jun 2019

It's annual performance review time

28 Nov 2022 39 34
It’s amazing how quickly a year can pass. Just over a year ago, my wife saw a post on Facebook for a foster dog in need of his forever home. He’d already failed one placement since being found on the ...

Welcome to the Last Minute

23 Nov 2022 22 35
We’ve been gearing up for this moment for weeks. All month, all across the internet, anyone who’s ever shared a recipe has been churning out tutorials on how to make the most perfect Thanksgiving dish...

What's on your Thanksgiving table?

21 Nov 2022 31 103
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. For many of us, the work week is going to wind down quickly, and our Thanksgiving preparations are already in full flush. (Thoughts and prayers to those of you who wo...

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