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Created 15 Jan 2020
  • Reasons why organizations (and individuals) with audiences win
    29 Mar 2022 5 1
    image credit: adstream via flickr Smart organizations and individuals across industries are building their brands through gathering organic audiences and encouraging dialogue. By organic, I mean peopl...
  • Why you should experiment
    28 Mar 2022 5 0
    In my days as a marketing professional I’ve experiment with many different ideas to create interesting content, drive traffic, earn links, rally communities and inspire people to action. It’s a lot of...
  • What digital marketing and RTS games have in common
    25 Mar 2022 4 1
    Screenshot of the classic RTS game “Age of Empires” one of my personal favorites where you’d build your own civilization including farms, towers, foundries etc and defend against enemies and collabora...
  • Ideas to keep your social media team motivated
    24 Mar 2022 2 0
    Working with teams on social media marketing projects client-side, while at agencies and even passion projects with industry colleagues in free time has given me an appreciation for keeping everyone e...
  • Why you should strive for fewer meetings
    23 Mar 2022 5 2
    Most traditional organizations love meetings. And for the most part, I’m not sure why. A majority of meetings are exercises in futility where nothing truly productive gets done. In the classic TV show...
  • The critical few
    22 Mar 2022 4 1
    image via piqsels used under creative commons There’s an unstated elegance about focusing on less in your digital efforts. In fact, my most successful blogs, clients, marketing programs were ones wher...
  • Let’s finally kill the word “television” — it’s quaint and obsolete
    18 Mar 2022 4 0
    I have been making the case that cable TV has been obsolete for a long time. With the exception of sports, the notion of a dumb pipe is over / has already been disrupted and it is arrogant of an indus...
  • A brief guide to measuring mobile app users
    17 Mar 2022 2 0
    Yesterday my former team at Google announced the future deprecation of “Universal Analytics” and that they will only be supporting Google Analytics 4 in the future. GA4 is the next iteration of analyt...
  • Key questions to ask potential marketing/analytics hires
    02 Mar 2022 7 2
    I loved the lede of a previous New York Times story on data: “Good with numbers? Fascinated by data? The sound you hear is opportunity knocking.” Since then, we’ve continued to see a growing trend in ...
  • Demystifying real-time analytics: a brief primer
    01 Mar 2022 2 0
    image courtesy of W.Media used under creative commons While many organizations are still learning to be data-driven and find the right talent to staff their teams, those who are advanced continually p...
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