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Created 15 Nov 2020

Top Links #124 Latin America's lost decades, Pakistan's pain, crossing the Berezina and our Ballardian world.

29 Nov 2022 8 1
Tim Kent, Order Types 2019 Thank you for reading Chartbook Newsletter! Share Chartbook Why is it so hard to buy things in New York pharmacies? Read more

Chartbook #176 The protests in China - a reading list

28 Nov 2022 60 8
Subscribe now 李老师不是你老师 @whyyoutouzhele 墨尔本州立图书馆前 民众举行悼念活动 3:53 PM ∙ Nov 28, 2022 911Likes75Retweets A round up of reading and twitter threads I have fond useful to understand the stakes in the wave of...

Top Link #123 The recession foretold, Turkey's mystery money & the surreal reality of turret gunners.

27 Nov 2022 12 3
Share Chartbook Zhou Zixi 周子曦 - Xiaogang Caves 009 - Oil on canvas 2014 Thank you for reading Chartbook Newsletter. Chronicle of a recession foretold If the US is pushed into recession next year, it w...

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