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Images and words carefully arranged by Alina Trifan twice a month.
Created 30 Jan 2021
  • #16: Daimon
    05 Apr 2022 7 2
    Back in 2016, Martino Pietropoli wrote a piece on my photography. It’s in Italian, I’ll translate: “So Alina doesn't do anything spectacular. She does not hang out with famous people, she does not vis...
  • Dear Padua #4
    21 Mar 2022 12 0
    I need to stop promising things. Last time I said I would be writing about a time I felt wanted, but what if I didn’t feel like it anymore? Luckily, the sun is out, I had some coffee, so I do feel lik...
  • #15: Tradition is a pattern
    09 Mar 2022 6 2
    We’re nine days into the month of Mărțișor. I prepared a traditional red and white bouquet for you. Doing something twice counts as a tradition around here. Bouquet Bouquet #3 - Mărțișor I was born in...
  • Dear Padua #3
    23 Feb 2022 15 4
    Bouquet is one year old. To mark the occasion, this newsletter’s schedule is all over the place. I wrote a couple of drafts. One was happy, one was sad, one was a 3 am version of a newsletter. Nothing...
  • Dear Padua #2
    24 Jan 2022 4 3
    I’m at an impasse with this newsletter’s edition. I don’t like leaving things incomplete, but I also realized I would have to share more than I’m comfortable with as the story progresses. Some days I’...
  • #14: Winter Flowers II
    04 Jan 2022 9 2
    I haven’t properly slept since the winter solstice. I live as if I were in the EST timezone. At this point, the easiest solution for me is to move to New York. How are you? Happy new year! One of my r...
  • #13: Quiet
    07 Dec 2021 5 4
    This is the one place on the internet where I feel I can be 100% true to myself. And today that means not talking a lot, just whispering some things here and there. I took a lot of photos this past mo...
  • Dear Padua #1
    15 Nov 2021 4 0
    I recently received an email that was meant for another Alina Trifan. A university contacted Alina about her paper, "Understanding Depression from Psycholinguistic Patterns in Social Media Texts". I r...
  • #12: Elevator story
    02 Nov 2021 3 0
    When I was a child, I developed a fear of elevators. It was a perfectly rational fear. You’d be scared of the elevators built during the Soviet Union, too. They're not like those fancy lifts with mirr...
  • #11: Some rain, some shine
    05 Oct 2021 4 2
    Yesterday I logged into my Instagram account. I wanted to let people know that I was sending a newsletter today. As a result, three things happened: I received about five “welcome back” messages (I am...
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