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Created 10 Feb 2021
  • What Does "Never Again" Mean Now? (audio)
    06 Apr 2022 10 3
    Dear Friends, Producing this audio post was harder than usual. This is material that breaks your heart. That makes you doubt your fellow humans. That makes you worry that we live in a world where just...
  • What Does "Never Again" Mean Now?
    04 Apr 2022 27 12
    Subscribe now Beside a mass grave in Bucha, Ukraine. (Photo via Getty Images) I have been a bit under the weather this weekend, so I will be briefer than usual. But I felt it was important to not dela...
  • What Talent or Career Do You Wish You Had?
    02 Apr 2022 17 14
    I finally had a chance to see the Oscar-winning film Coda. I knew that it was described as a heartwarming story—one in which deaf actors played a number of the principal roles, including Troy Kotsur, ...
  • More Than a Slap
    01 Apr 2022 25 15
    Subscribe now A night at the Oscars. (Photo via Getty Images) You might call this The Age Without Consequences. Or, for those of us who remember when bad actors faced consequences for their foul behav...
  • Let's Not Normalize Ginni & Clarence (audio)
    30 Mar 2022 17 7
    Dear Friends, Allow me to cut to the chase, noted in the conclusion of this audio post read aloud by me: “If your wife were aggressively trying to overthrow the government while you’re serving on the ...
  • Let's Not Normalize Ginni and Clarence
    28 Mar 2022 29 4
    Subscribe now In 2020, Ginni Thomas sat with her husband at a Heritage Foundation event in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Drew Angerer via Getty Images) We humans are remarkably adaptable creatures. It’s ...
  • What Street Do You Love to Walk On?
    26 Mar 2022 15 20
    Several weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be in New Orleans for a few days, a city I don’t know very well. On the last day, my wife and I took a walking tour in the French Quarter, ending up on Roy...
  • Celebrating Ketanji Brown Jackson
    25 Mar 2022 26 9
    Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson at her Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday. (Photo via Getty Images) An emotional New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker said it well this week: "I’m not gonna l...
  • In a Sane World (audio)
    22 Mar 2022 9 2
    Dear Friends, I’ve highlighted the following 21 facts with the assumption that none of these are given or unchangeable. As I note in the end, “If we don’t look at what makes no sense—no matter how muc...
  • In a Sane World
    21 Mar 2022 29 12
    Some things are so obvious. And yet, here we are, living in a surreal world where upside-down laws are passed, actions are taken and inaction persists no matter how senseless—how mad—much of this may ...
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