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Created 22 Nov 2021
  • 15 Great Mother’s Day Gifts
    03 May 2022 10 5
    Mother’s Day is May 8, 2022. With Grandma Zimmern. I’m always a little hesitant to celebrate moms by giving them kitchen stuff. The last thing a mom needs, especially on Mother’s Day, is feeling compe...
  • Don’t Hate Me: Chit Chat #22
    28 Apr 2022 22 19
    Unpopular opinions. Everyone has them and I don’t want to yuck on anyone’s yum, but… I don’t like Balsamic vinegar. What food/ingredient do you perceive as popular, but you just can’t get behind? Plea...
  • Fish, Tiny and Salted: Recipe #22
    27 Apr 2022 8 10
    OK, so last week on Chit Chat a loyal subscriber asked, “Mr Zimmern, could you do a post about different ways to use anchovies? I just read about Caesar Spaghetti from, but I need mo...
  • Taco Tuesday, Austin Edition: Spilled Milk #22
    26 Apr 2022 19 10
    Last month I spent 8 days in Austin at SXSW and had some amazing food. Everyone kept asking me “where can I get the best BBQ in this town?” and I told everyone, “I think you might be asking the wrong ...
  • Why are there so many cooking competition shows? AMA #14
    23 Apr 2022 15 12
    Doing these AMAs are one of my favorite parts of the week! A reminder: EVERYONE can hear my answers, but only paid subscribers will have access to that email address. Help us keep the fridge stocked. ...
  • And the Secret Ingredient Is..: Chit Chat #21
    21 Apr 2022 21 33
    Have you ever tried to recreate a food you’ve eaten at a restaurant, only for it fall flat at home? Like you’re missing the secret ingredient? I’ve been there. And there are a few ingredients that can...
  • Just The Tip?: Spilled Milk Recipe #21
    20 Apr 2022 6 12
    In the 50s, my father took my mother to Henri Soule’s Le Pavillon for dinner. He couldn’t really afford it, but he was trying to impress. She ordered the cold poached asparagus special, the most expen...
  • Wine Country Dining: Spilled Milk #21
    19 Apr 2022 12 11
    Wine country in Northern California is a major tourist attraction. But unlike many others in that populist category, the food (and wine) experience is incredible. It’s hard to find a crappy meal in Na...
  • Why I Think Tipping Should Go Away: AMA #13
    18 Apr 2022 19 26
    * Scroll down for Part One of this video * Some great questions this week! A reminder: EVERYONE can hear my answers, but only paid subscribers will have access to that email address. Andrew Zimmern's ...
  • Is it a ‘real’ pizza if it has sauerkraut or pineapple?: Chit Chat #20
    14 Apr 2022 33 20
    Is it a ‘real’ pizza if it has sauerkraut or pineapple? Does this count as pizza? I think so. Photo by briewilly How do you feel about honesty and authenticity in your food? Does it matter to you? I h...
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