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A newsletter about how our careers make us feel, written by Anna Codrea-Rado
Created 01 Feb 2019
  • Relevant To Your Interests #2
    01 Apr 2022 13 2
    Relevant To Your Interests is a regular round-up of reading, watching, listening and other internet materials to make you feel better about your career – or at least distract you from it, all handpick...
  • The medical vernacular of work problems
    29 Mar 2022 19 7
    Welcome to A-Mail, a newsletter about how our careers make us feel – written by me, Anna Codrea-Rado. If you like these posts, a practical way to support my work is to consider becoming a paid subscri...
  • Thread: How does your career make you feel?
    18 Mar 2022 11 22
    Last week, I announced that I’m introducing a subscription option for this newsletter. Part of what you pay for if you subscribe is access to a community of people who want to engage in meaningful dis...
  • An exciting update about this newsletter!
    11 Mar 2022 25 5
    I’m delighted, giddy and very nervous to announce: I’m launching a new paid membership for this newsletter! There’s a lot more info below, but the short version is that for $5/month or $50/year, you’l...
  • Writing something joyful
    18 Feb 2022 39 25
    Illustraion: Léo Hamelin Over the course of this newsletter’s lifespan, my levels of organisation behind-the-scenes have greatly varied. I’ve had seasons in which I’ve maintained a well-stocked spread...
  • Relevant to your interests
    04 Feb 2022 9 2
    Welcome! This week I’m sharing a bumper pack of recommendations of things to read, watch and otherwise consume, complete with my thoughts about them. And if you make it all the way to the end, you’ll ...
  • Doing less work is a lot of work
    28 Jan 2022 17 14
    Last year, I spent two months reporting on the r/antiwork subreddit. Its aim is to create a world free from work as we know it. If that sounds radical, it’s because it is: r/antiwork is not a work ref...
  • Birthday treat
    21 Jan 2022 26 6
    It’s my birthday this weekend. I absolutely love birthdays, especially my own. I like to think it’s ~healthy~ to take at least one day a year to unashamedly celebrate the miracle that is one’s own lif...
  • What I've learned growing a newsletter to 15,000 readers
    14 Jan 2022 64 13
    I’m starting 2022 with over 15,000 newsletter readers. For those who’ve only recently started reading this weekly dispatch, I started writing a newsletter in the summer of 2017. I’d just been made red...
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