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Created 03 Sep 2021
  • Sorry Owen and the Labour Party, But We NEED To Talk About Genitals
    30 Mar 2022 13 11
    I am hoping not to make too many trans people feel ‘unsafe’ by writing this, that is not my intention. My intention – as should be that of any polemicist – is to start a conversation and, as always, I...
  • The ‘Other Child’ In Your Marriage
    29 Mar 2022 16 7
    It’s been fascinating to watch the fallout from Sunday night’s Oscars’ ceremony. These celebrity spats are always helpful because it gets us mere mortals to consider what they mean to society and wher...
  • I Have GOOD NEWS
    09 Mar 2022 3 0
    I thought this would make a good headline for today’s piece because, God knows we could all do with some good news at the moment. It’s hard to stay positive when we are bombarded with bad news, I’m tr...
  • This Is Why Women Don’t Speak Up About Abuse
    07 Mar 2022 16 54
    It is nearly 3am as I write this. I’ve been in bed for hours, but I can’t sleep. My mind is too busy, going over and over a series of events which happened almost four years ago. I spent today, a Sund...
  • Why Rolling News is Making Us Sick…
    04 Mar 2022 10 2
    Yesterday, I had a garden wall built in front of my house. My bricklayer, who is now a dear friend, had just put the coping stones on the piers when I took him out a cup of tea and said: ‘Sorry, but i...
  • Fake Versus Fact
    22 Feb 2022 11 20
    It’s been a strange few days on Twitter both personally and professionally. There are many, many pros to social media, but we are all too well aware of the cons too. In my working life as a journalist...
  • How do you know it's not good for you?
    03 Feb 2022 4 4
    Last night, novelist Lorraine Brown came to speak to my working class mentees about her journey to publication. My mentees found her absolutely inspirational, as did I. She too is from a working class...
  • Free Mentoring Call!
    31 Jan 2022 1 0
    I have been so busy lately that it has somehow got to the end of the month and I have forgotten to put out a call for applications for free mentoring, so, I will extend the deadline by a couple of day...
  • The Power of Storytelling
    28 Jan 2022 1 0
    So excited to share the news with you, that one of my books will chart in this weekend’s Sunday Times Bestsellers. The first book Wendy Mitchell and I wrote together, Somebody I Used to Know, also cha...
  • Research*, the Procrastinator’s Bestfriend
    26 Jan 2022 2 0
    Why do I have a photograph of a kitten illustrating today’s post? All will become clear. For now, we’ll call it research. Subscribe now It’s been an exciting week for sales on Wendy Mitchell’s new boo...
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