Non-Boring History

Annette Laing
Annette Laing (historian, PhD and all that, Brit in the US) leads you on an entertaining and fascinating tour through a past that's really about *right now*.
Created 02 Apr 2021
  • What's the Point?
    15 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 4 9
    First, thank you for your support! It’s why I’m able to spend a year trying out Non-Boring History. So now, in case you're interested in a peek behind the scenes… I’m here to entertain you. But I’m no...
  • Podcast: The First Day of the Blitz
    13 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 2 0
    ADVISORY: This podcast contains descriptions of wartime violence that some listeners may find disturbing. Listener discretion is advised. Bomb damage to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, preserv...
  • A Non-Disney Holiday in 1919
    10 Oct 2021 • 13 min read • 2 2
    Intro: An Amused Life I’m a retired fan of Disney parks. You didn't know someone could be a retired Disney fan, did you? From my first visit to Disneyland forty years ago, and for more than three deca...
  • Lots of Showing Off!
    08 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 3 2
    Showing off! That’s my theme for this newsletter. Hey, you can always put down your wineglass, look at your phone, say “Good Lord, is that the time?” and quietly make your way to the exit. OR you can ...
  • Virginia Scrambled, with a Side of Bacon
    06 Oct 2021 • 30 min read • 2 0
    A Quick Note Before We Get Started Today: Why write now about an event from three hundred years ago? A story to explain. Back in the 90s, a colleague of mine said, “Ooh, I think I’ll offer a seminar o...
  • The Vase of Death
    03 Oct 2021 • 5 min read • 2 10
    Announcement! Your Comments Before I get started today . . . I love, love, love reading your comments. That’s why I end up responding to virtually all of them. But I have come to realize that my quick...
  • Podcast: Slaves Selling in the Deep South
    29 Sep 2021 • < 1 min read • 2 0
    "Selling Sweet Potatoes, Charleston, South Carolina, 1861". Image: Public Domain, from Slavery Images: A Visual Record of the African Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Early African Diaspora, accessed...
  • Logs and Mortar of the New Deal
    26 Sep 2021 • 10 min read • 6 2
    The Dining Room, Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center, built in the depths of the Great Depression by the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Image: Annette Laing, 2021 Poor Hoosen. He n...
  • Beowulf with Hoosen, Jr.
    22 Sep 2021 • 3 min read • 4 2
    Original manuscript of Beowulf. Image: The British Library (Public Domain) A decade or so ago, I was looking at a bleak future of worksheets and tests for my son (He Who Shall Not Be Named On The Inte...
  • Hey, Girl! Don't You Just Love This Pointy Hat?
    19 Sep 2021 • 24 min read • 4 0
    Last week, I watched the fascinating documentary series LuLaRich (I don’t do affiliate links, but it’s on the dreaded A****n Prime in the US and the UK) LuLaRich is about LuLaRoe, a company that uses ...
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