Tiny Imaginary Deaths

ashley hefnawy
This is a newsletter of surrealist short stories about all the tiny deaths that happen daily before we experience our own inevitable Death.
Created 20 Sep 2020

On power in prayer, action, and the mirroring of individuals and societies

12 Oct 2022 2
I wrote this piece for my dear friend Mamoudou’s newsletter called Loosies last month. While this essay is not necessarily about any particular imaginary death, I feel compelled to share here because ...

What comes after the trauma?

05 Sep 2022 2 1
These are entirely fictional phases based on a series of real experiences. I am not an expert by any means, nor do I have any psychological training—simply a person attempting to heal while tracking p...

How to mourn the last couple of years

11 Aug 2022 3
It wasn’t exactly an overnight shift and voila, I was a different person. The change had been coming for months, bubbling up beneath the surface of a skin that was and was not mine, begging to be prod...

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