Heather Havrilesky
Created 09 May 2019
Reflections on longing, confusion, and joy by essayist and Ask Polly advice columnist Heather Havrilesky.

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25 Jan 2023 100 12
Energia Cosmica (1956) by Remedios Varo I’ve been taking voice lessons over Zoom. That sounds exactly as awkward as it is: VERY. My voice teacher is a professor, a millennial — very smart, very detail...
16 Jan 2023 21 7
Paraíso de los gatos (1955) by Remedios Varo In THE YEAR OF FUN — yes, that’s this year, 2023! — how do you decide where to put your energy? The fact that it’s THE YEAR OF FUN will confuse you at firs...
12 Jan 2023 23 4
Rheumatic Pain I (1948) by Remedios Varo If you go to the grocery store today, definitely don’t even glance at your receipt. That’s no way to treat yourself. Butter costs roughly the same as a small h...
30 Dec 2022 16 3
Shadow Man (1963) by Remedios Varo Wake up running, carving a dark line down the stairs, out the front door, and into the frozen yard, leaping over bushes, bouncing into the crunchy grass, oak branche...
24 Dec 2022 30 8
Cold (1948) by Remedios Varo Merry holiday times, favorite friends! You know what I hate reading about, over the holidays? Regular shit that people do with their holiday times, like walking through th...

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