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Created 13 Jan 2021
  • Crazy Texts #3
    06 Apr 2022 9 0
    We’re back with more Crazy Texts! (you can always submit texts for consideration here: Crazy Text #1: Aries texting a Pisces I’m a Pisces woman, and I was in a long distance rela...
  • Week of 4/3 Horoscopes
    03 Apr 2022 20 2
    Week of 4/3 in Aries: If you let it happen it might be great. You won’t be concerned with any greatness now. Now you get up to do the thing. Still, there will be time for more. There will be time to s...
  • Aries & Cancer
    02 Apr 2022 17 8
    Hi friends, I hope you are doing well deep in the Aries New Moon and in the heart of Aries season! In honor of all of this Aries energy, I thought I would tackle a classic match: Aries and Cancer! Ari...
  • Horoscopes for April 2022
    01 Apr 2022 15 0
    And just like that, it’s April. No one is more surprised than the world, which has woken up into a rainstorm to meet the blossoming sun and lemon leaves as the skies part and we enter the most gloriou...
  • Be Yourself: New Moon in Aries
    01 Apr 2022 8 2
    At 2:25 am EST, we will be entering the New Moon in Aries. Like everything Aries, the New Moon will be bringing with it extra energy, force, conviction, and vision. Like anything Aries, this New Moon ...
  • Chart Readings #50
    31 Mar 2022 12 0
    Hey, everyone! Hope Aries season is keeping you all inspired. I personally love it. I have so many Aries friends! Here are this week’s chart readings. And here is where to send as always: astropoets@g...
  • Poetry Divination for All of Us
    30 Mar 2022 18 0
    Hi friends, I hope you are doing well today! For this week’s All Signs post, I thought I’d do something I’d been wanting to do for a while—a poetry divination for all of the signs. I’m always into the...
  • Week of 3/27 Horoscopes
    27 Mar 2022 20 0
    Week of 3/27 in Aries: A new blessing is always there. Maybe now you can see it most clearly. A very bright thing indeed. Hearts will be aflame for you. Let them in. Week of 3/27 in Taurus: It’s very ...
  • Taurus & Leo
    26 Mar 2022 19 7
    Taurus and Leo are a complicated love match. Both are highly independent and ambitious signs. They’re drawn to each other because of how headstrong they are and this is also what ultimately causes maj...
  • Chart Readings #49
    24 Mar 2022 9 1
    Hi friends, Welcome to another installment of our weekly Chart Readings. Please keep sending them and also send us your wild and outlandish texts for our new Crazy Texts series at
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