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Created 13 Jan 2021
  • Week of 7/3 Horoscopes
    03 Jul 2022 19 3
    Week of 7/3 in Aries: Time means nothing. How do you feel is what you should ask yourself. Lots of pretty flowers everywhere. You can talk about everything. You can say anything you want to. Week of 7...
  • Chart Readings #63
    02 Jul 2022 7 1
    Hi friends, Below is another installment of our Chart Readings. As always, please email us your charts and questions at Love, Dorothea +++ Question 1 Hello Astropoets! Coming to ...
  • Horoscopes for July 2022
    01 Jul 2022 20 0
    July is an archive. Who have you been so far, it asks us. Maybe things are starting even to turn towards hope again in the heart of every July. It is when we see the year for what it will be but also ...
  • Scorpio & Capricorn
    01 Jul 2022 16 7
    Scorpio and Capricorn are two strong-willed individuals. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. When a fixed and cardinal sign come together there is an immediate power str...
  • Crazy Texts #7
    30 Jun 2022 7 0
    This week’s new moon in Cancer brought some confrontational energy. Some crazy texts were sent! To submit yours: Crazy Text #1 POV — A Gemini (blue) breaking up with a Cancer (gra...
  • New Moon in Cancer Horoscopes
    28 Jun 2022 20 0
    The new moon in Cancer arrives tonight at 10:52 in the east and 7:52 in the west. It is a moon that brings with it an energy of confrontation. Whether that’s yourself confronting a difficult truth, or...
  • Week of 6/26 Horoscopes
    26 Jun 2022 23 0
    Week of 6/26 in Aries: You are finding a new beginning inevitable. But don’t feel like all of this was for nothing. In fact you will bring the past into it. Don’t forget your friends. Start again but ...
  • Cancer & Capricorn
    25 Jun 2022 15 2
    Hi friends, I hope you are all doing well today. Cancer season is proving to be a lot so far, for sure. I hope you are enjoying some comfort and love today. In honor of all things Cancer, I thought I ...
  • Chart Readings #62
    25 Jun 2022 11 1
    Hello from the beginning of what promises to be a trippy & emotional Cancer season. I hope you all smoke a joint tonight. You deserve it. You also deserve some answers to your astrological questions. ...
  • The Signs as Bodies of Water
    22 Jun 2022 15 2
    Hi friends, Welcome to Cancer Season! I hope you’ve had an amazing start to this deep summer season. In honor of all things watery, I thought for this week’s post, I would describe the signs as bodies...
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