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Created 01 Aug 2020
  • Turning Point 6.30.22
    01 Jul 2022 2 2
    I’d planned to begin a series of Daily Notes on Monday—and it’s a long story about why that didn’t happen. But the outcome of the story is simple: I have to make some hard choices right now about wher...
  • Sunday Snippets
    27 Jun 2022 2 4
    This was the week of our Summer Solstice—and I would have loved to write an insightful and/or eloquent post about the significance of this mid-point in the Tarot year of 2022. But I didn’t. Instead I ...
  • A Saturday Note
    11 Jun 2022 1 1
    I got so carried away with the Jodorowsky story that I neglected to fulfill a couple of recent content promises. First: Tarot Terror Here’s the publisher’s description: We asked twenty-six authors to ...
  • A Wednesday Reset: 6.8.22
    09 Jun 2022 2 1
    Here’s where I got to last Friday, starting on the third post in a planned series of Daily Notes: At that point, another Jodorowsky item popped up—and changed my whole approach to the story. So I deci...
  • A Daily Note: 6.2.22
    03 Jun 2022 3 0
    I grew up with horses. In fact, I rode several days a week from the time I was six til my early teens. But I haven’t thought a lot about the world of horses since then. And I definitely hadn’t thought...
  • A Daily Note: 6.1.22
    02 Jun 2022
    I’ve been doing some newspaper research for another project—and as I was wrapping up, decided to do a quick search on just the word “Tarot.” I wasn’t surprised to find that there are tens of thousands...
  • Catching Up: Tuesday 5.31.22
    01 Jun 2022 1 0
    First, a farewell to the month named after Maia, mother of Hermes—the Greek trickster/messenger god who was fathered by Zeus, and later renamed Mercury by the Romans. Eventually, Hermes acquired attri...
  • A Belated Daily Note
    10 May 2022 0 1
    Hello, everyone. So sorry I wasn’t able to get the final Daily Note out on Friday of last week. Infrastructure crisis here! But back on track for now, so I wanted to offer a couple of topics in recomp...
  • Daily/Return #5
    06 May 2022 1 0
    TarotLuv shared favorite Empress cards—and I loved them all! So I’ve scattered several through this post. Everyday Witch Tarot First: I promised something special to offer Mom on Mother’s Day—and here...
  • Daily/Return #4
    05 May 2022
    Inspired by photographer Dina Belenko’s “Ordinary Magical Kitchen” collection (examples above), I decided to expand my planned culinary topic into two posts. Bon appetit! Recently I’ve thought about p...
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