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Atoosa Rubenstein
How I finally learned unconditional self-love and authenticity…and you can, too.
Created 10 May 2021
  • How I Finally Found Joy
    01 May 2022 1 2
    My dear friend, Sandi, got me this t shirt when I got separated from my husband. I wore it last night to bed (and yes, I washed my makeup off first). Hey, I slept until 11 today. That really felt good...
  • My Tainted Love
    24 Apr 2022 3 2
    There we are at NY Fashion Week. I don’t think anyone knew how vital he was to my ability to show up with that big “Atoosa” smile at the ready. Hey, I won’t lie. Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Pete Davi...
  • My Tales Of A Corporate Call Girl
    17 Apr 2022 5 2
    I was a regular on the beauty scene. To my right is my dear, old friend, John Demsey, formerly Estee Lauder. Hey, One of my favorite dances seems to be back: The tango cosmetics companies do with maga...
  • My TEDx Talk Sneak Peek
    14 Apr 2022 3 6
    Hey, I’m super excited to speak at TEDx Asbury Park on April 30. If you happen to be close by in NJ, you can get tickets here. Otherwise, here is a sneak peak just for you, my beloved subscribers. Thi...
  • How I Avoid Burn Out
    10 Apr 2022 6 11
    Despite the lovely company of Seventeen’s wonderful Publisher Jayne Jamison and Sophia Bush, I was totally and completely fried and uninterested. Hey, A lot of people have been asking me about ambitio...
  • I Was In Fetal Position...
    03 Apr 2022 2 6
    My botox here was so egregious when I introduced Malcolm Gladwell at this 92Y Talk, someone really should have slapped me. Crazy eyes, anyone? 👀 (I’m joking. About the slapping. Not the Bo-bo.) Hey, ...
  • This Totally Blew My F-ing Mind!
    27 Mar 2022 3 9
    This is me with my first meditation teacher, Peter Sonnenberg, and his wonderful wife, Anna. I love them both so much. Hey, This week, I did something I’ve literally never done in my whole life. Rathe...
  • Millenial Help!
    23 Mar 2022 3 7
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  • The Best Sex Of My Life
    20 Mar 2022 4 0
    At a certain point, I thought sex was just about procreation. This is me with David and Phillipe Blonde when I was pregnant with my first child. Hey, We never talk about sex. I mean, sure, we’ve dance...
  • Oops, I Did It Again!
    13 Mar 2022 2 0
    Me after I hit a box of Krispy Kremes. Hey, I gained weight again. Since November, almost 15 pounds. I’ve been hiding it from myself by using pictures from the fall for my IG posts. My friends haven’t...
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