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Austin Kleon
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Created 03 Mar 2021
  • Collage problems
    28 Jun 20221 day ago 42 26
    Hey y’all, Collage is where I go to calm down and process what’s going on in my head. Simply gluing one thing to another, seeing what appears. (It helps to have good music playing. I made everything i...
  • Transcribe yourself!
    24 Jun 2022 65 5
    My Zoom H1 “Handy Recorder” Hey y’all, I mean this sincerely: our comments section has become my favorite corner of the internet. Every week you give me a whole big batch of stuff to research. Love it...
  • 26 books I picked up (and put down) this spring
    21 Jun 2022 34 80
    Hey y’all, I always love when my friends make big lists of everything they read — including the books they don’t finish! I’m usually too chicken to do that publicly, but since we’re all friends here, ...
  • No thank you!
    17 Jun 2022 60 8
    Hey y’all, If you’d like to get an extra email from me on Tuesdays and keep these Fridays free for everybody, please consider becoming a paid subscriber: Subscribe now Here are 10 things I thought wer...
  • One page diary
    14 Jun 2022 56 18
    Hey y’all, One of the big questions of my book Show Your Work! is: How can you take bits and pieces of your process and serve them up to your audience in a way that’s interesting and/or useful? Your p...
  • Embrace bewilderment
    10 Jun 2022 58 21
    A sign I saw on a recent bike ride (photo via Reddit) Hey y’all, It’s hot as Hades down here in Texas. The summer of Campari continues! If you partake in spirits, I highly recommend a Campari Spritz: ...
  • The simplest cut
    07 Jun 2022 64 58
    Hey y’all, When I get stuck, when I have no ideas, when I’m not sure what to do next… I make collages. The art of collage, for me, is mostly one of contextomy (quoting out of context) and juxtapositio...
  • Let me eat and not be eaten
    03 Jun 2022 57 10
    “Every animal, in order to survive, has to solve a conundrum: how to eat without being eaten.” —Iain McGilchrist Hey y’all, Tuesday I wrote about how we create the world with the kind of attention we ...
  • We find what we look for
    31 May 2022 58 53
    “Many an object is not seen, though it falls within the range of our visual ray, because it does not come within the range of our intellectual ray, i.e., we are not looking for it. So, in the largest ...
  • A ticket to the freak show
    27 May 2022 71 8
    Hey y’all, I have two kids in a Texas public elementary school, so you can imagine the state of my mind this week. Here are 10 things that took me out of the hellscape, if only briefly: In case you mi...
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