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Created 02 Jul 2021
  • 2022 Predictions
    07 Apr 2022
    After a 99 day lockout that felt like the coldest and darkness winter in the history of all winters, we will finally have meaningful baseball today. It may have been painful, but we are finally where ...
  • 5 Breakout Sophomores
    03 Apr 2022
    Every year there are players who break into the league with high rookie expectations. For numerous reasons, their success at the minor league levels does not translate into the big leagues. While a se...
  • Mike Trout, The Time IS NOW!
    29 Mar 2022 1 0
    If someone asked who the best player in baseball is, I think most would think of the same name. Prior to 2021, the only possible answer was Mike Trout. In my opinion, the answer is the same heading in...
  • Top 10 SP
    24 Mar 2022 1 0
    Our next and final position group are the starting pitchers. This position group is loaded at the top with power arms and filthy repertoires. With this list, the rankings do not reflect who I would ch...
  • Colorado Rockies: Worst Organization In Baseball.
    17 Mar 2022 1 0
    The Colorado Rockies decided to give Kris Bryant a 7/182M dollar contract to give Rockies fans a reason to come to the ballpark. This is an organization that has developed some stars but has managed t...
  • IT'S BACK!
    10 Mar 2022
    99 days of HELL is finally over! After months of frustration and wanting to tweet about how awful Rob Manfred is over and over, we have a deal. MLB and MLBPA have agreed to a new CBA and it will be ra...
  • 1 Fix Each: The Yankees
    10 Mar 2022
    The state of baseball is depressing. No way around it. It looked like we had a possible deal in place today but then it all came crumbling down. Despite being angry, I want to keep talking about baseb...
  • Top 10 OF
    28 Feb 2022
    Our next position group is the outfield. I chose to group all of the different outfield positions together because many outfielders move around among the 3 positions rather than stay in RF for every g...
  • Is The Lockout Worth It?
    21 Feb 2022
    When the final second ticks down in the Super Bowl, I normally think to myself “It’s baseball season!” So 9 days ago when Matthew Stafford took a knee to run the clock out, that same thought went thro...
  • How does Bloom View the DH?
    12 Feb 2022
    On Thursday, “Commissioner” Rob Manfred delivered the only good news he has delivered all off-season long when he announced that there would be a universal Designated Hitter. This official decision wa...
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