Bet On It

Bryan Caplan
Caplan and Candor
Created 29 Mar 2022

Copleston on Marx

17 Nov 2022 19 4
My friends Phil Magness and Michael Makovi have finally published their “The Mainstreaming of Marx” in the ultra-prestigious Journal of Political Economy. Their thesis: The main reason today’s academi...

The Culture Transplant: My Review

16 Nov 2022 18 11
My Reason review of Garett Jones’ The Culture Transplant: How Migrants Make the Economies They Move to a Lot Like the Ones They Left is now up. Though he’s strangely reluctant to name open borders as ...

Explain It To Aaronson

15 Nov 2022 26 71
I recently gave my first public talk on Don’t Be a Feminist at the University of Texas. In audience: Living legend Scott Aaronson. After attending, he posed the following question: How is it that I go...

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