Be Wrong

If you're so smart, why aren't you mistaken?
Created 19 Sep 2021
  • Why We Haven't Solved Everything
    31 Mar 2022 1 0
    I. It is the prerogative of every notable intellectual to formulate their own Grand Theory of Everything. Usually, this theory is wrong or, more often, vague enough to be unfalsifiable. But this, I’ve...
  • 5 Ways to Be a Better Utilitarian
    23 Feb 2022 4 0
    I am not a utilitarian. Not in the classical sense of the term, at least. I just don’t take philosophy seriously enough. I do not face many ethical dilemmas, and utility functions seem un-intuitive an...
  • Form is Fake
    10 Feb 2022 3 0
    I. It's amazing how popular the idea of "good form" is. Every new lifter gets this advice drilled into them the first time they walk into a gym, and it continues for years. It might just be the only t...
  • The Esoteric Benefits of School
    25 Jan 2022 4 2
    I have strayed from my path. This newsletter started out with the promise of bold, foolish and often mistaken takes, but the last few issues have been disappointingly clear-headed. I'm seeing signs of...
  • The Desert Island Test
    13 Jan 2022 3 3
    I. Good thought experiments are rare. A couple years ago, as I was trawling through the PG archives for the first time, I found a post called The Island Test. In it, Paul proposed a test that was supp...
  • A Speech I would Like To Give Undergrads
    04 Jan 2022 4 0
    I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what to make of this one. While I was writing it, it felt like an empty fluff piece that makes vague, unspecific demands from a mostly detached demographic. Like th...
  • In Defense of Unorthodox Motivations
    22 Dec 2021 3 0
    I. If you think about it, motivation is kinda fake. It's a bit ridiculous just how flaky an emotion it is. Canonically, it's meant to inspire effort; but in practice it often works the other way aroun...
  • 12 Rules for Twitter
    11 Dec 2021 5 0
    Ah, listicles. The writer's version of phoning it in. But they're a gift to the lazy reader too. A listicle asks for nothing but a linear read-through. No need for any active context-maintainance or t...
  • The Expected Value of Friendships
    01 Dec 2021 5 0
    I. All writing is metaphor creation. Heck, as far as I can tell, all thought is metaphor creation. This is like that and that is like this. And recently, I accepted a friendly challenge to write about...
  • Inverted-U graphs and Testing
    18 Nov 2021 3 0
    I. I like simple graphs. Because I think the best graphs are the ones that get the point across quickly. Exponentials (number go up) and logarithmic curves (diminishing returns) being the quintessenti...
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