Worcester Sucks and I Love It

Bill Shaner
A newsletter on Worcester and how bad it sucks and how much I love it
Created 17 Jun 2020
  • You want a Batist-a me?
    06 Apr 2022 5 0
    This morning, my roommate woke me from a pleasant dream like the guy in the plane in Band of Brothers that sends the paratroopers off behind enemy lines—“GO GO GO!!”—only I wasn’t behind enemy lines, ...
  • The Chicanery Begins
    30 Mar 2022 9 1
    An awkward and forced standing ovation for Augustus from his supposed bosses kicked off by Kate Toomey Over the past two decades, Worcester politicos have not demonstrated they’re capable of appointin...
  • The Ed is dead
    23 Mar 2022 11 3
    I just don’t believe it. City Manager Ed Augustus is not the type of guy, based on everything I’ve seen in my time covering this city, that would step down so abruptly and unceremoniously as he did ye...
  • 'You can’t celebrate us without creating a seat for us'
    16 Mar 2022 6 3
    Ol Ed blowing a gasket. Art: Travis Duda, from the Worcester Council Theater 3000 stream last night In all my years covering Worcester, I’ve been on record with all sorts of criticisms of the city adm...
  • There's governing and then there's whatever this is
    09 Mar 2022 4 0
    City Councilor Kate Toomey explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis at the City Council meeting this week. I’ve been meaning for a while to touch on the subject of our new and exciting progressive bloc on ...
  • Guest column: 'The city always acts in good faith' with Andrew Quemere
    08 Mar 2022 3 0
    The header of the judge’s excoriating decision against Worcester in the Telegram’s lawsuit. Full document here. Well hello hello, I’m back from a little venture into the wilds of New Hampshire and I h...
  • A small victory is a victory still
    01 Mar 2022 7 2
    I shot out of a dead sleep at about 5 a.m. this morning. It’s a lot earlier than I’m used to waking up and it wasn’t necessarily pleasant. Some anxiety from some deep dream—the specifics of which fell...
  • Kick out the Monster Jams
    23 Feb 2022 2 3
    Just getting it out of the way off the top: I’m not coming to you today with any “news” really. Maybe the biggest story this week is the fact that Joe Petty took out papers to run for Harriette Chandl...
  • Rosen’s Ruh-roh
    16 Feb 2022 4 0
    Rosen at his first Board of Health meeting in January. The upshot of this story, which you’ve probably heard by now as it made statewide news due to the hilarity of it, is that the Board Of Health is ...
  • W.G.B.H. Episode 6: The Expedition Is Getting Desperate
    13 Feb 2022 2 0
    Podcast time baby! Don’t forget you can subscribe to the Podcast on Patreon and also find it on all or most of the common podcast apps. You can also add the feed directly to your prefered player by fo...
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