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blurry electron
I write about religion, love, science, private business, and politics, attempt to strip them down to basic fundamentals, and then carry these fundamentals around and plug them in where you don't expect them to fit. I write about philosophy.
Created 12 Oct 2020
  • Who gets Christ's wrath?
    29 Jun 2022 2 0
    If Jesus was alive today, he’d see the books and coffee being sold at church, and start flipping tables. Then, he’d go outside, see a “hoe” in makeup and give her a bite to eat. Prostitutes will be ex...
  • If you were betrayed with a kiss, would you notice?
    23 Jun 2022
    The slow death is the worst, isn’t it? Surely people prefer the quick death over a long and drawn out torture. No, people choose torture all the time. We prefer the kiss of death. Temptation comes dow...
  • Why aren’t people having kids?
    22 Jun 2022
    Women try find the most appealing clothing, fashion, etc. And yet they keep walking past one another. If aliens landed on this planet and observed this behavior, wouldn’t they be confused? We are prog...
  • Layering, commoditizing your compliment, the necessity of weakness, and the path to power
    20 Jun 2022
    Are religions, governments, and companies unwittingly playing the same game? First, let’s look at how layering happens in business. Let’s say that a government is a business in the limit (a definition...
  • Axioms, frame control, and manipulation
    18 Jun 2022 2 3
    Aella makes frame control sound like manipulation. But frame control is A) natural and good, and B) is manipulation if you do it wrong. Frame control is almost all there is. Our entire world is built ...
  • Neither the racing mind nor the racing heart will save us
    13 Jun 2022 1 0
    We like to think the only options are the spectrum between bimbo and nerdy The Princess Diaries is a bad example for women. No, teach hot girls to read. Hot women want the nerd, and we know this to be...
  • How I learned to write a lot
    12 Jun 2022 3 1
    If you take anything away, I’d say: write posts on your phone — yes, even essays. My writing comes out so naturally when I do this. But surely you’re a serious person and no serious person would write...
  • Who wins the war — Part II: Why did Christianity get so big, and why is it now failing?
    11 Jun 2022 1 3
    In the last post I asked: who wins the war? as an abstract question. Today, I’ll try to get into the rise and fall of the Christian faith. Did Christians fail their faith, or did their faith fail thei...
  • Who wins the war — Part I
    10 Jun 2022 1 0
    Usually the stronger party, but what does stronger mean? A single GigaChad, no matter how powerful, can never win even against an army of virgins. Suppose you have two virgin armies of equivalent size...
  • Is the rapper Future married to the wrong game?
    07 Jun 2022
    Jesus died on the cross, at least in part, because no wife would be good enough for him. After all, he’s the son of God. He deserves the best. But if he truly is the son of God, then he’d be perfect. ...
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