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Diary: Sean Hill, (1) This Land Is My Land
28 Jan 2023 3
Oconee River, Georgia, photograph by the author Sometime around 1765, a man named Austin Dabney was born in the British colony known as the Province of North Carolina—a decade or so before that colony...
Review: Jamie Cohen on Stewart Brand
24 Jan 2023 4 4
Several years ago, while conducting research on the history of virtual reality, I visited the famed SS Vallejo houseboat barge. The impressive wooden houseboat was the setting of a staged 1967 convers...
Book Sketch: Nicholson Baker reads “Papyrus,” by Irene Vallejo
22 Jan 2023 2
Irene Vallejo’s Papyrus: The Invention of Books in the Ancient World, translated from Spanish by Charlotte Whittle, was published in the United States this past October. In Spain, where it was entitle...
Notebook: (2) Predicting for Text
19 Jan 2023 7 10
Going the way of the quill Read Part one of this post here! Amidst denials that a computer could ever replace a writer in the creation of actual literary art, several interviews with working writers a...
Notebook: (1) Predicting for Text
18 Jan 2023 12 1
A lot seems to be shifting under our feet in the way writing comes to us in 2023. Recently The Wall Street Journal uncovered a hitherto unknown effort by Facebook to suppress political content in the ...

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