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Roni Askey-Doran
Crazy Stories About Life In The Jungle
Created 26 Aug 2021
  • Going Freaking Bananas
    03 May 2022
    One of the most popular street snacks on the northwest coast, and available from Mompiche vendors peppered around the village, freshly fried empanadas fly off the tray at $0.50 apiece. The best way to...
  • "911. What Is Your Emergency?"
    29 Apr 2022
    Many people believe I live in paradise. In a way, it's true. I do. Surrounded by lush jungle and pristine beaches, plied daily with fresh tropical fruit, and living a relatively easy life with a littl...
  • Ya Mismo: Thirty Minutes North of Zero
    26 Apr 2022
    Several years ago, someone stole my passport. That was a nightmare I could barely stand to face. Trying to replace a passport in a country where there is not even an embassy was going to be complicate...
  • The Juice...
    22 Apr 2022
    Fruit harvested from the garden In anticipation of making my all-time favorite morning juice, I put two peeled and chopped bananas in the freezer, and saved a little fresh coconut milk from last night...
  • Ya Mismo: Thirty Minutes North of Zero
    19 Apr 2022
    “Roni, can you hear me?” The distant voice seeps through the dark fog inside my head. “Yes, I can hear you,” my brain responds, but I can’t move my lips. My mouth is so dry it’s sealed shut. Every bon...
  • Black Beach
    15 Apr 2022 2 0
    Today, I would like to share with you a tiny slice of my idyllic life. When I chose to opt out of the rat race and turn my back on suffocating city-living fourteen years ago, I decided to head to the ...
  • Going Freaking Bananas
    12 Apr 2022
    Chocolate pudding! Invented sometime in the 1800s, it’s one of the world’s greatest culinary creations. Originally made with milk, eggs, and sugar, chocolate pudding has undergone several transformati...
  • Yoga Farts
    08 Apr 2022
    Despite everything else that is happening, the last five years have been pretty rough on my body. Health has been the biggest issue I’ve struggled with and, for a long time, it has affected every aspe...
  • Ya Mismo: Thirty Minutes North of Zero
    05 Apr 2022
    “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” says the Queen to Alice. Maybe the Queen once lived in Mompiche! There are certainly days when it resembles some kind o...
  • De Plane! De Plane!
    01 Apr 2022
    Not the same plane or the same place. Photo: Oko'a Thomas (Hawaii) With everything happening, it's been a struggle to write. I'm not gonna lie. My mind is in chaos. There's a lot going on. My laptop i...
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