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Created 23 Aug 2022
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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
16 Nov 2022 2
Last night, the two top trending topics on Twitter were Poland and Article V. An explosion along the Polish-Ukraine border sent the policy world into a frenzy because of concerns that Russian missiles...
What's Logic Got to Do with Anything?
14 Nov 2022 3
There are many reasons to be heartened by Russia’s retreat from Kherson, both for the liberation of the people living there from Russian occupation and the boost the victory gives to the brave Ukraini...
The Elephant in the Room
25 Oct 2022 7
Vol 1, Issue 11 October 25, 2022 I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations over the past few weeks and when the talk turns to the endgame in Ukraine, the discussion always keeps coming back to one i...
The Nuclear Sanctions Option
17 Oct 2022 5
Vol 1, Issue 10 People are rightly worried that Vladimir Putin might resort to the use of a nuclear weapon to avoid defeat in Ukraine. Some, of course, are more worried than others. There is an import...
All Nuclear Weapons are Strategic
12 Oct 2022 8
Vol 1, Issue 8 October 12, 2022 Looks big to me Nuclear strategy and theory are filled with jargon, arcane terminology, and language unique to itself. In part, this language was developed to help huma...

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