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Created 05 May 2019
absurd, honest comedy delivered twice a weekish through the vulnerable personal essays of Alex Dobrenko: friend to all, father to one, and tv actor+writer to anyone hiring

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How I grew this newsletter from 56 to 2,177 subscribers in less than a year
26 Jan 2023 47 37
the #1 tip I can give: start your substack in 2019, then don’t really do anything with it till 2022 — that way your growth looks way more rapid than it actually is! I, Alex Dobrenko, by the power vest...
How to have a successful yard sale (guest post from my wife Lauren!)
24 Jan 2023 28 11
Both Are True readers young and old know that I often write about my wife Lauren. There’s the essay I wrote in the style of a 5th grader about how we met, the one about how close personal friend Georg...
why can't i be happy when things go well
17 Jan 2023 46 61
Let's start by addressing the elephant in the china shop. Both Are True was a featured Substack last week which brought over 600 new subscribers here! Looking around, I see a lot of new faces. Big fir...
my feet are much smaller than I thought they were
10 Jan 2023 39 66
My friends and I have a code word when we want to be very clear that we’re about to say something genuine. That what follows is not and may not be a joke, bit, or goof of any kind. The word is Bruce. ...
2018 here we come!!!
06 Jan 2023 25 27
Hello! It’s a new year — 2018 is gonna be one for the ages!! Anyone else feeling like we’re finally gonna catch the Golden State killer this year? It’d be a Daring, Notable Achievement (DNA). Also, Ha...

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