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Created 24 Jul 2021
Aesthetics and writing from BT Apollo. Learn about graphic design, men's fashion, art history and appreciation, copywriting, business-building, culture, and more. A no-BS college-level education in Humanities…

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Announcement: Apollo Gallery Opening Night
15 Nov 2022 2
No, not this Apollo Gallery. Another one. Let’s make this quick, so we can get back to educational and cultural content on the world of aesthetics. I’ve launched a website for my artwork and more: htt...
Visiting Art Museums: Which Ones, Why, and How?
14 Nov 2022 3 2
Visiting museums isn’t just for appreciating aesthetics and history. You can use museums to make decisions and understand your subconscious. BowTiedBull had a fantastic article on this topic. Here’s t...
What Makes A “Brand”? Everything You Need To Know
07 Nov 2022 5 1
A brand, whether personal or corporate, contains the same elements: cohesive visual system and messaging. A set of values and aspirations. It’s the unifying elements that surround you or your business...
Introduction To Poetry: Literature 101
01 Nov 2022 5 1
To be honest, I’m not a big poetry person. But it’s important to understand the concepts behind it. Here’s why: Poetry (“verse”) is a concise method of written expression. Certain styles conform to di...
All About Opera (Guest post by BowTiedOctopod)
24 Oct 2022 6 1
Octopod here, very glad to be collab’ing with Apollo. He is crushing the content game on all things aesthetics, art and graphic design. The world needs to appreciate art and beauty more and supporting...

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