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Created 09 Apr 2021
  • Understanding Tokens and Contract Interaction Risk + Update
    07 Apr 2022 27 12
    Welcome Avatar! Busy couple of weeks coming up (primarily due to new projects) however today we have a guest post from BowTiedPickle along with our usual update filled with both good and bad news (mos...
  • Lifestyle Inflation and Retirement Calculation Scams
    05 Apr 2022 58 38
    Welcome Avatar! For those that are un-initiated, prices are going up. Wages are lagging the price increase and of course, you are not getting any younger. The third part (age) is where a ton of the fi...
  • Crypto Maths on Crash Potential, DeGen Pools and More
    04 Apr 2022 129 42
    Welcome Avatar! Despite a clear message on how the promotion will work we got a ton of spam and strange messages on Twitter. Therefore please see the end of this article for an explanation. On a more ...
  • Another Day Another Arb
    02 Apr 2022 105 44
  • The Year is 2036 - One Year Anniversary & Promo
    01 Apr 2022 76 36
    Twas’ Written in the Stars Welcome Avatar! As you have witnessed, many of the Gripto Influencers are paying for followers. We’ve got more free subs joining the army of cartoon autists than actual inst...
  • The Chronicles of a Chad Salesman - Six Common Sales Mistakes In Real Life Format!
    31 Mar 2022 128 31
    Welcome Avatar! Today we have a guest post from our resident sales expert BowTiedSalesGuy. As you know M&A investment banking, Sales and Tech are the best viable careers at this point to get relativel...
  • Monthly Update & Q&A - Closing in on Tax Day
    31 Mar 2022 249 165
    Welcome Avatar! It has been a pretty good month in computer coin land. Stocks have actually improved as well and we’re approaching Tax Day (finally!). Per usual pay your full *legal* tax and if you’re...
  • Understanding Relative Wealth and Incentives!
    29 Mar 2022 71 42
    Welcome Avatar! After touching on this topic briefly last week, we realized that the relative wealth concept is not really understood. The biggest barrier appears to be the concept of elites versus yo...
  • High-end of Zee Risk Curve Stuff!
    28 Mar 2022 150 42
    Welcome Avatar! Hopefully you didn’t fade the cartoons from Wednesday, if you did… Twas’ Max Pain. That said, it’s probably a good time to do a market update of the far right end of the risk curve. If...
  • Importance of Being Liquid and Anon
    25 Mar 2022 83 31
    Welcome Avatar! Usually our free posts are slated for Monday, however, a lot of things have started to move in favor of the sovereign individual. While Crypto Twitter views the space as: NFT vs. DeFi ...
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