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Created 20 May 2020

READING: Edmund Wilson on Leon Trotsky

28 Nov 2022
Subscribe now Wilson Finland Station 32.1MB ∙ PDF FileDownloadDownload It will be seen that the Marxist movement had arrived by the beginning of the century at a point where it could provide a base an...

Old-Style Blogging Should Be New Again!, & BRIEFLY NOTED

27 Nov 2022 16 21
Subscribe now FOCUS: Old-Style Blogging Should Be New Again! So says John Scalzi: John Scalzi: How to Weave the Artisan Web: ‘Everyone should start blogging again. Own your own site. Visit all your fr...

“Þey Knew Þey Were Pilgrimes, & Looked Not Much on Þose things, But Lift Up Þeir Hyes to þe heavens, Þeir Dearest Cuntrie…”, & BRIEFLY NOTED

24 Nov 2022 9 18
I do like the way that Stable Diffusion has put Pentocostal tongues of fire as the pennants on the Mayflower. Of course, it has no idea what it has done, or what doing that might mean… Subscribe now F...

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