The Permanent Problem
Brink Lindsey
Created 20 Sep 2022
the quest to "live wisely and agreeably and well"

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The Anti-Promethean Backlash
15 Nov 2022 11 24
Anti-nuclear protesters. Photo credit: Ra Dragon, Unsplash license. We are able to say that communist central planning failed because we can compare its results with those of capitalism. We can look a...
Loss Aversion (by Any Other Name) and the Decline of Dynamism
07 Nov 2022 14 10
“The wave finally broke, and rolled back.” Photo unattributed, public domain. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s now pretty clear that capitalism in the advanced economies hit some kind of inflection...
The Age of Stasis
01 Nov 2022 14 19
Ant in amber. Photo by Brocken Inaglory. Creative Commons license. It’s my contention that 21st century capitalism is undergoing a triple crisis — one of inclusion, one of dynamism, and one of politic...
Thoughts on Slouching Towards Utopia
24 Oct 2022 12 6
I’m going to digress from my ongoing survey of the roots of the 21st century crisis of capitalism to discuss a great new book with a similar theme — Brad DeLong’s Slouching Towards Utopia. Brad tells ...
The Political Marginalization of Ordinary People
17 Oct 2022 15 3
The crackup of class-based politics: Richard Nixon invites construction workers to the White House weeks after the 1970 “Hard Hat Riot.” Public domain. In my last essay, I argued that the progress of ...

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