Conquest of the Useless

Mic Wright
Honest media criticism from a complete arsehole.
Created 10 Oct 2018
  • The vandals break the Channel
    05 Apr 2022 10 0
    God, how he loathed this government. Little England, plc. Directed by a team of lying tenth-raters not fit to run an amusement arcade in Clacton-on-Sea. Conservatives who would strip the country of it...
  • The ugly will to rule
    28 Mar 2022 12 0
    There is no honest way to justify the existence of royalty. Monarchy is impossible to ‘modernise’ because it has no place in modernity. The image of Prince William in his white dress uniform beside hi...
  • Fuel me once…
    24 Mar 2022 8 0
    Sometimes a blunt comparison between headlines is revealing. Today’s Times front-page says Biggest fall in living standards since 1950s while The Sun slots its spring statement headline in the top lef...
  • Dislodging the draft(s)
    14 Mar 2022 6 1
    With a mixture of anxiety about saying the wrong thing and inertia in the face of huge and horrifying news stories, there’ve been fewer issues of this newsletter recently than I would’ve liked to prod...
  • The Captain Renault cosplay festival
    07 Mar 2022 12 0
    Previously: The empty tears of Lord Lebedev If it doesn’t come from the oligarch region of Russia, wielding political influence via underhand means is sparkling corruption. Yesterday, Times columnist ...
  • Telegraph tank girl origin story
    03 Mar 2022 17 0
    Empathy is an act of imagination. To truly empathise with someone you have to be able to place yourself in their position. But the empathy of columnists can often be an ersatz kind, a counterfeit emot...
  • The empty tears of Lord Lebedev
    01 Mar 2022 8 0
    Previously: Dr Strangehack On 2 November 2015, Evgeny Lebedev wrote in the Evening Standard and Independent that: For all the greatness of this island nation, for all its hard and soft power, there is...
  • Dr Strangehack
    25 Feb 2022 19 0
    Previously | The Telegraph’s Taliban: The paranoid style in British newspaper commentary... Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, “reve...
  • Weekend at Queenie's...
    22 Feb 2022 12 1
    Queen to help pay for £12m Prince Andrew settlement, The Daily Telegraph (15 February 2022) Queen’s Covid Example To Us All, The Daily Mail (21 February 2022) “As ever, the Queen sets an inspiring exa...
  • In the shadow of combat granny
    14 Feb 2022 12 3
    “A granny with a gun…” When Orla Guerin intones those words in a report from Ukraine, you’re not meant to laugh. They’re the serious words of a serious reporter and not a Chris Morris creation unglued...
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