On Stories

Brooke Turbyfill
How stories shape us and undo us and then put us back together
Created 24 May 2021
  • 10 Things I've Learned
    25 Jun 2022
    Don’t be afraid to ask “dumb” questions. Many authors I know started their story with a question. It may be that they were traveling somewhere new, saw something different, and asked a question about ...
  • Q&A with Yours Truly
    13 Jun 2022
    Back in April, Substack author Elle Griffin — The Novellist — wrote a post about interviewing herself just for fun. In it, she said she would recommend that other writers do something similar. The bot...
  • A Voice By Which to Train Your Ear
    26 May 2022 4 0
    I went on a walk today. Rounding the corner on one of the hills behind my home, the wind rustled the oak trees planted along the gravel road. I heard it first. The thin slices of wind like a steak kni...
  • My Favorite Bookstore Section
    24 Apr 2022 1 0
    Have I ever told you my favorite bookstore spot To take my portable coffee pot To sit in between the racks And thumb the pages of stacks and stacks? I will tell you now what it is No mystery is as big...
  • Just a Taste
    18 Apr 2022 1 2
    Last week, I shared a story about rhythms. I am learning that just as everyday life needs to operate in rhythms, so does writing. As an editor, I am always amazed at the novels and articles my clients...
  • When Quiet Knocks
    09 Apr 2022 3 2
    You may have been hoping for the ebook on revisions that I hinted at over a month ago. This isn't it. You may have been waiting for a themed email (about editing or writing) or wondering if I was stil...
  • Questions, questions, questions
    26 Feb 2022 1 0
    This week I realized that I’ve sent 25 Substack newsletters so far. While this may seem paltry to some, for me — someone who struggles with consistency in EVERYTHING — it’s a major win. Occasionally, ...
  • The 3 P's of Story-Building
    15 Feb 2022 1 0
    Let’s get straight to the point. When you are looking for writing tips and inspiration, beating around the bush just does not cut it. So I’ll jump in head first here — join me, won’t you? I designed t...
  • A new newsletter...
    06 Feb 2022
    You guys. I will not belabor my point here: I have had a new newsletter draft about 80% done for the last two weeks. But you are not reading that newsletter. Why? Honest? Because I am tired. I absolut...
  • Nothing new under the sun
    20 Jan 2022 2 2
    “What has been will be again, What has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) “Have you ever sat with that menacing cursor taunting you, “You have no good...
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