A Small and Simple Thing
Brooks Reitz
Created 04 Aug 2020
Mostly food and drink, but also thoughts on travel, product discoveries, music, and style, all littered with personal anecdotes. We will keep it simple, and hopefully a little useful.

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The thinking man's Queso
23 Jan 2023 13 1
My dirty little secret: if someone recommends a Mexican restaurant to me and says something like “their queso is SO good,” I immediately tune out. Queso is the worst dish in the Tex-Mex canon. It’s to...
Lazy Man's Beets
16 Jan 2023 10 2
The beet is a humble little thing. They’re often in a forgotten pile in the produce section, caked in grit, roots frayed; a mound of rocks waiting to be carted off. It’s not immediately evident what t...
Considering Celery
09 Jan 2023 8 4
Consider celery: It is both completely necessary and utterly useless. It is the one ingredient you’re guaranteed to find at any grocery store in America. What are we doing with ALL that celery? Outsid...
Hello, 2023.
02 Jan 2023 22 18
Hello, friends. Well, dry January is off the table. I drank a bit of white wine as I putzed around the house yesterday, listening to music, picking up detritus from the evening prior. I made black eye...
Low Fuss, Big Reward.
27 Dec 2022 12 3
On Christmas Eve Eve I made my way through the scrum at Whole Foods and watched as many folks fumbled their way through needlessly complicated grocery lists. One couple spent precious minutes flustere...

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