Brutal South

Paul Bowers
On struggles, schooling, & raw concrete in the dirty dirty south
Created 18 Jun 2019
  • This one's for the queen of public records
    06 Apr 2022 3 0
    Friends and strangers keep sending me this article about 82-year-old retired teacher Elouise McDaniel, who submitted so many public information requests to her township in New Jersey that the g...
  • 30: Nehemiah Action (w/ Charleston Area Justice Ministry)
    30 Mar 2022 1 0
    My guests today are Amber Campbell-Moore and Dr. Matt Cressler with the Charleston Area Justice Ministry, a good, radically inclusive organization working for social and economic justice in Charleston...
  • Who cares about a polite Republican?
    23 Mar 2022 9 4
    A monument to former Governor “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds (Historic Columbia Foundation) One of the most powerful Republicans in South Carolina, state House Speake...
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, friend of South Carolina?
    19 Mar 2022 4 2
    Stan Smith: Basically a South Carolinian now, I guess I saw a picture the other day of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster handing a plaque to tennis legend / footwear icon Stan Smith. The plaque r...
  • A convention of dunces
    16 Mar 2022 8 2
    Still image from Convention of States Historic Simulation Livestream (2016) A clutch of billionaires, lobbyists, and right-wing lawmakers marked a quiet milestone in January. With the passage of a res...
  • Children of the persecuted majority
    10 Mar 2022 6 2
    Crocifissione, Giotto, c. 1330 (detail) In his 1995 essay “Ur-Fascism,” Umberto Eco wrote that the fascist imagines his enemies “at the same time too strong and too weak.” We can see this dynamic at p...
  • Love / power / justice
    03 Mar 2022 3 2
    So I’m reading the theologian Paul Tillich for the first time, and I keep returning to this passage in his 1954 book Love, Power and Justice: There is another interpretation of love which is neither e...
  • On Waffle House populism
    23 Feb 2022 8 3
    A Waffle House in Fort Worth, Texas (Billy Hathorn, Wikimedia Commons) One way to think about Waffle House is as a semiotic mirror image of Starbucks. If the Starbucks brand is Northwestern and cosmop...
  • Don't defund our schools any more than you already have
    15 Feb 2022 7 1
    As promised in my previous newsletter, here is my letter to the South Carolina Senate Education Subcommittee regarding Senate Bill 935, which is an attempt to divert public school funding to private s...
  • A letter to lawmakers seeking to outlaw the teaching of history
    15 Feb 2022 11 4
    A note: I’m publishing a day early this week because I want to encourage you to write your own letter to the South Carolina House Education & Public Works Committee. The committee will meet Wednesday,...
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