Caleb Crain
An occasional newsletter from the novelist Caleb Crain
Created 25 Jan 2019
  • The Cairngorms
    30 Jun 2022
    Eurasian wren, Ballochbuie Forest Coal tit, Ballochbuie Forest Gray wagtail, Ballochbuie Forest Eurasian curlew, Glen Ey Common sandpiper, Glen Ey Red deer, Glen Ey Northern wheatear (juvenile), Glen ...
  • Lochs
    29 Jun 2022
    Horned grebe (Slavonian grebe), Loch Ruthven European robin (juvenile), Foyers Lodge, Loch Ness European robin, Foyers Lodge, Loch Ness Eurasian blue tit, Foyers Lodge, Loch Ness Eurasian blackbird, F...
  • Water of Leith, Edinburgh, 22 June 2022
    28 Jun 2022
    Long-tailed tit St. Bernard’s Well European robin Eurasian blue tit Song thrush Gray heron
  • Puffins & co.
    26 Jun 2022
    North Berwick, Scotland Puffins Great cormorants European shag Razorbill Common murres (guillemots) Gannets
  • Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
    24 Jun 2022
    Meadow pipit Chaffinch Dunnock Eurasian kestrel Chiffchaff Ring-necked pheasant Eurasian wren (parent) Eurasian wren (fledgling)
  • Leaving the nest
    18 Jun 2022
    Black-crowned night heron (juvenile) Green heron (near three heron nests, at least two of which have been occupied recently) Baltimore oriole (adult male, fledgling, and nest)
  • Time to Let Go
    13 Jun 2022
    Top Gun: Maverick opens with Tom Cruise sitting in a chair, out of character. He thanks the audience for leaving their homes to experience the movie on a big screen. When Peter and I went to see Maver...
  • Singing and generating
    08 Jun 2022
    Osprey, with fish Tree swallow pair, changing shifts at nest Ruby-throated hummingbird Yellow warbler Alder flycatcher, with nesting material House wren, singing Downy woodpecker (fledgling)
  • What is commonest and cheapest and nearest and easiest
    02 Jun 2022
    Mourning warbler Blue jay Great-crested flycatcher, missing its tail Song sparrow Northern cardinal Black-crowned night heron Northern rough-winged swallow
  • Twine
    31 May 2022
    Canada warbler Baltimore oriole Great egret Barn swallows
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