Can we read?

Sarah Miller
Your weekly guide to children's books, raising readers, and how to build a culture of reading in your home.
Created 22 May 2020
  • Children's books about gardening 👩‍🌾
    29 Jun 2022 3 2
    Hello, gorgeous humans! A few months ago, when I was starting to pull together titles for this year’s special edition on summer, I realized how many of my favorite books for the hot season center arou...
  • Children's books about lighthouses
    28 Jun 2022 5 2
    Good morning, dear people. I’m on another work trip and already very tired so I have no preamble this morning, just gratitude for small things: my husband fixing my broken sunglasses like the mechanic...
  • Fables, folktales, and fairy tales for you
    22 Jun 2022 12 12
    Hi there! Thanks for being here today. I am on a work trip, probably right this very minute addressing a room full of people while trying not to sweat too much or fall down in my heels. It’s a great t...
  • Which books from childhood have stuck with you?
    21 Jun 2022 20 85
    (I’m sending this to everyone today because discussions are a lot more fun with more people.) This is my childhood copy of Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, written in 1964. I’ve kept it all these y...
  • Lions in the library 🦁 and more
    15 Jun 2022 8 3
    Good morning, good morning, good morning! Father’s Day is this weekend 🎁 There are only three days left (okay, four, if you’re really cutting it close) until Father’s Day and it’s not too late to giv...
  • Children's books to inspire outdoor play 🪣
    14 Jun 2022 6 6
    (Why a bucket? Somehow my children always end up with a bucket while playing outside. A few weeks ago I looked out the kitchen window and saw our largest stockpot sitting on a small platform my husban...
  • (How) Can we read? An interview with Ebony Glenn
    10 Jun 2022 11 6
    One of the most delightful parts of writing this newsletter is the excuse to reach out to authors and illustrators I admire with a legit reason for contacting them and asking to chat — not everyone re...
  • Hailstones, halibut bones, and good books
    08 Jun 2022 12 3
    Hi there. Welcome to Wednesday. You made it halfway through this week, and you know what? I’m not taking anything for granted right now, even this. ICYMI and are looking for some fresh books to kick o...
  • Storytelling as a family
    07 Jun 2022 4 4
    Hi there! I’ve got nothing of substance to lead with today (which isn’t to suggest I often have anything of substance to lead with but let’s pretend), but I do want to call your attention to an excell...
  • Children's books for summer
    01 Jun 2022 4 2
    Happy summer, everyone! While I am sometimes tempted to throw our usual reading routines out the window this time of year — I’m just rejoicing it’s warm enough for open windows, to be honest — every y...
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